More and more of us are trying to find health and beauty solutions without going under the knife.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then cellulite would have to be her worst enemy. For eons, wives’ tales and urban myths have given us a long list of solutions to fight cellulite but it’s about time we let technology work its magic.

Women and men are now turning to a revolutionary treatment known as Endermologie to smooth out the dimples and bring their skin back to its former glory.

Endermologie Face LiftingCellulite doesn’t respond well to dieting, or even some exercise, so even ‘thin’ people still suffer from ‘orange peel’ skin. Experts have discovered that it’s the action of sustained massage that does the trick.

Initially developed in order to prevent skin contraction and loosened scar tissue, Endermologie was found also to translate well to combating cellulite.

The Endermologie machine rolls over the skin, massaging and sucking the tissue. The treatment is not only pain-free but is a relaxing experience that promotes a sense of  wellbeing.

While re-harmonising the connective tissue, the treatment increases both blood and lymph circulation. This in turn promotes the elimination of metabolic waste and everyone’s enemy – cellulite. The positive result is a slimmer, more contoured body and smoother, firmer skin.

Endermologie is a process, so often there won’t be obvious results after just one visit. Prices start from £60 for a single treatment to £550 for a course of 10, or £750 for a course of 15 visits.