About Karen

Karen Loggey

After completing my studies in Bournemouth 20 years ago, the study of skin perfection really inspired me (especially after having my own skin problems), so I decided to dedicate my time to achieving this. Then I came across Environ and have never looked back. Working alongside them, and the International Institute of Anti-Ageing, has really allowed me to take skincare to its limits while helping to clear and maintain my own skin.

We now treat clients of all ages, from problem skin teens, to ladies in their 70’s, all looking for that clear, glowing skin – and with great success, if I may say – yet keeping everything non-invasive.

It is not possible to stop the ageing process, but I believe it is possible to slow down the effects in order to look fabulous, whatever age you are, by treating the skin externally with the correct products and internally with great and selected supplements. Don’t forget – if your skin is glowing on the outside, chances are your body is glowing on the inside.

Peach on the Hill are an independent, aesthetic salon and I am always researching the industry to make sure my clients have the best treatments on the market. And because of all our hard work and dedication, we won Salon of the Year for the UK from the International Institute of Anti-Aging, which was a really exciting achievement.